Safeword Theatre and Film Services

How many times have you seen a homeless person asleep on the street and thought he/she must have family somewhere? 

How many times have you met somebody whose behaviour makes you think that he/she might  be suffering from poor mental health?

How many times have you seen an unkempt  child with no coat on  in the winter and wondered whether he/she  is living  in poverty?

These are the types of questions Safeword is constantly asking, using the powerful medium of drama and film to depict real life situations. Our awareness packages contain:

  •     Comprehensive, accurate research
  •     Professional writing
  •     Performances by professional (and talented!) actors
  •     Professional filming of the dress rehearsal enabling the production to be used for subsequent training/awareness purposes.

We welcome enquiries from any agency or organisation which feels it can benefit from our unique services.  
Our packages are bespoke and cost will be based on the work involved  and customer requirements. 

Please contact us to talk further. 

Photo: The Safeword team and cast rehearse at Safeword sponsor Metro bank, taken by Sylvie Barredo.