Safeword Theatre & Film Production

Safeword Theatre and Film Production Ltd. is a non-profit organisation which produces bespoke media packages to raise awareness of everyday issues which can have a devastating impact on individuals irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. We are currently addressing such issues as domestic abuse, mental health, homelessness and poverty.  However, this list is not exhaustive and our approach is flexible to address challenges as appropriate.  Our products include a mix of social media, film, drama and presentations which are used to raise awareness and signpost anybody affected to appropriate help and support.  We offer an holistic, supportive approach to assist in dealing with life changing challenges, working in close collaboration with appropriate care providers, professional agencies and public services.

Our Priorities

  • To raise awareness of social issues through drama and film
  • Committed to working with the relevant agencies and diversity groups in our community
  • Continue to signpost to appropriate help and support

Photo: A sunflower, the logo of Safeword Theatre & Film - photograph taken by friend of the organisation, April Salthouse.