Month: February 2020



In accordance with the T’s and C’s of our lottery funding, the professional film of “When the Birds Stopped Singing” will be made available free of charge to any community groups, churches, organisations, charities etc.  in the very near future . Get in touch if you would like a copy (to be licensed but free of charge)!

More great reviews


Thought you might like to see this fantastic review of our play “When the birds stopped singing”. Written by Mark Brooks CEO Mankind, the content has really motivated us to re-stage our powerful work.

“When The Birds Stopped Singing is both thought provoking and powerful -challenging society’s stereotypical view of domestic abuse. The way it shows the ripple effect on people when just one person rightly highlighted how damaging this crime is. It is must-see, in tune with this age where we need to accept that anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse. Gamechanging!

When you run a support service like Support U, we see the pain of DA/DV and the pain it causes to the individual. This play brings the trauma and the context to life for anyone in a DA/DV relationship. We ask don’t be Simon, reachout and get support. Many feel they aren’t worth it when you get rejection time and again for being LGBT+  then end up in a violent relationship. You are worth it. #DontBeSimon #LGBT #DA #YouAreWorthIt 

kind regards


Lorna McArdle
Pronouns: She/Her
CEO, Founder of Support U
t: 0118 321 9111
a: 15 Castle Street, Reading, Berkshire RG1 7SB.



Here is the fantastic review we received from Peter Tatchell after staging “When the Birds stopped singing”. We are hoping to get funding in order to re-stage our work!

Quote from Peter Tatchell!!!

“When The Birds Stopped Singing is a moving, powerful and, at times, gut-wrenching play about domestic abuse. It speaks to everyone, dramatising abuse within both a heterosexual family and within a same-sex relationship. Shining a light on an often under-reported form of abuse, Safeword’s play packs more punch than any speech, article or leaflet. Bravo!”

Metro Bank Soiree


The Metro bank Wimbledon kindly sponsored an evening for us in order to raise awareness of what we do. Stephen Hammond MP (our patron) spoke about our work and highly recommended our next play “When the Birds stopped singing”. We have some great actors and there will be support agencies in attendance to assist anybody affected by the content of this powerful play raising awareness of Domestic Abuse in a gay male relationship. Hurry Free tickets nearly all reserved!