Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our new website and to this blog page!

We have been very busy with rehearsals for our next play “When the Birds Stopped Singing” due to be staged on the 15th February next year.

It is a powerful piece written by our very talented writer/director Wendy Walker , telling  the story of Simon, a young gay male who loses his doting mother as a small child, and  is rejected by his father who cannot accept his son’s sexuality.  Simon eventually  falls into the arms of Ben and at first the couple are very happy. However it is not long before Ben’s true character emerges, and Simon becomes the victim of his partner’s abusive and controlling behaviour. Simon  begins to crumble under the strain of abuse he has suffered and one fateful day decides to take  back control of his life.

Peter Tatchell has Kindly agreed to open the event which will be attended by Stephen Hammond MP (our patron), Paul Kohler, and senior Police officers.  Tickets are  free and will be advertised on Eventbrite in the near future.

You can now order tickets for our play "When the Birds stopped singing" on Eventbrite. We have had lots of interest so book early to avoid disappointment!